LED Teddy Bear (50cm)

It's getting dark early and the evenings are getting longer and longer. How nice it would be to uplift the mood with something soft, colourful, comforting and bright. This colour changing LED Teddy Bear is the perfect item, warm the atmosphere before you fall asleep or when you rest.   

 This absolutely cosy comfortable plush teddy bear will sooth you every time with its nice in touch surface. To add to the touch sensation you could turn on the lights. It will gently brighten up your dark room and these coloured LEDs will slowly and randomly change their range of 7 pastel colours. The actual effect is best visible in the dark. 

Easy to access battery pouch is neatly hidden behind a zipper cleverly sewn in one on the back of the teddy bear. The Teddy Bear requires 3x AA batteries to glow. Energy efficient LED lights will glow in the dark for many hours without the need to change the batteries. Just press the on button in one of the corners of the cushion to bring it to life or switch it off, so there's no need to access the battery pack during normal use. 

Perfect for anyone, kids will fall asleep easier and having a sweat dreaming, adults will chill in the evening after a long day of work enjoying the warm stress relieving light.

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