Kitty Roo Hoodie

Spending time with pets can be difficult. Holding them, snuggling with them, all of these activities are made more difficult when you are trying to use your hands for other things. 

With Kangaroo Hoodie, you get a carrying pouch, a paw glove that goes over your thumb and protects the hand, in addition to fun cat ears.

The strings which draw shut the hood are extra long with giant fluffy balls on the end presumably for the cat to play with. Called the built in snuggle pouch, the carrying pouch presumably keeps your hands free so that you can hold on to your little pet while reading, working, or watching television.

Benefit & Features

1. Soft
This sweatshirt is soft not only for you but for the pets inside the built-in snuggle pouch.

2. Free Hands
You are free to carry around your pet while your hands do other things.

3. Holds Dogs and Cats
The carrying pouch holds small dogs and cats too.

4. Gloves
There are built-in paw gloves.

5. Hoodie
The hoodie has cute ears on it.

6. Relax While Wearing
You can relax sitting down on the couch or in a chair watching television, reading books, or working at a laptop.

Three Colors
You can choose from Black, Gray, or Pink.

Please be aware, that the chart right below is an Asian Size Chart. US size is always 2-3 sizes bigger. Therefore, we have another chart below. Please make sure, to match your size properly to avoid disappointment!

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